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By Taylor Wildlife, Jul 13 2018 01:57PM

Lying back in a patch of heather warmed by the sun, lunch box cradled in my lap and a cool drink in hand (actually, tepid bottle of water might be a more accurate description), a days work in the highlands is a total job. Yes, no fooling, Scotland can be warm, dry still and midge free!

Nestled in heather, I can start to imagine what it would feel like to be a wee chick in a nest, waiting in anticipation of a mouth full of grub. Strolling through the hills i'm frequently noticing bird activity which would suggest a nest containing eggs or growing chicks is nearby. Excitement and reverence always rises within when this happens. Often, I walk on by not wanting to cause unnecessary bother, but occasionally I come across nests precisely on my transect. Without fail, these encounters are spectacular.